The Real Inspiration Behind My Books…

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, I have talked about what inspired my book “HER IDENTITY” but I didn’t tell you the full story. You know that my story is about a teenage girl who goes through a bunch of things in her life much like I did at that age. When I first decided to release this book, I was hoping that it would help at least one person. The main topic is bullying. I wanted to show that you can go through that and come out on the other side of it in a positive way. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk about it or not but I’m doing it anyway. I didn’t want to create a story that I myself, wouldn’t be able to relate to. I’ve said in some older posts that the main character of the first story was inspired by some really close friends of mine and people I came in contact with but she also represents some parts of me. Certain things that she goes through I have not been through personally and some others I have. I wanted to make this character as relatable as possible. As a kid I did get bullied and didn’t really talk about it because I hated for people to feel sorry for me. I wasn’t severely bullied like some people or anything. For a while I just didn’t speak about it and I eventually started not to care anymore and started to realize that I was worth so much more than that. I had to learn that there was nothing wrong with me but the bully was the one with the issue. I used that negativity as inspiration instead because I’m naturally a positive/energetic person. I’m very proud of this book and the second one which will be out in a week. Both of these books are a representation of people that have gone through a lot in their life’s and come out on the other side. I can’t stand bullies at all and I will not stand by and do nothing especially if I see that the person who is being bullied can’t defend themselves. I can’t be a stand by and watch it happen because I myself have been through it and never had a problem defending myself but unfortunately, everyone is not like that. This is why I wrote these books to show the dark side of what a person who gets bullied goes through and how he or she can get through it. So to anyone that has been bullied or is currently getting bullied, I stand with you. * PHASE II will be coming out on August 22nd 2019 stay tuned!!! Be sure to follow me on IG: @_livelaughblog and click the link in my bio to find all the links to everything I do!! 🙂


Anxiey 2•O

I know it hasn’t been that long since my last post but I wanted to update you guys a little bit. As you guys may know, I am officially calling myself a migraineur. Meaning I suffer from them often. The last 2 months have been extremely rough but there’s always something new to learn. I’m always saying you need to keep yourself busy but you also have to give yourself a break when it’s necessary. I have anxiety as you guys know if you’ve read my post on (Self-Love /Anxiety). If you haven’t already check that out. Anyways, I have a lot of anxiety because of a self control kind of thing. That is something I am working on but it’s not easy. I hope that when you read my posts that you find some kind of relief and feel better knowing you’re not alone. I used to feel like that. I could go months/ weeks on 3 hours of sleep and still feel just as energized the next day but that’s not healthy. This is why I say that taking care of yourself should be your top priority at all times. I used to try to take care of everyone around me and forget to take care of myself. I really want to change someone’s life just as a few people in my life have changed mine. I know what my purpose is and that is to help those in need of it. With that being said, I am launching my 6 week program (SELF•) September 10th. I want to help you over come the huge mountains in your life and come out on top. I want to work with people who will take it seriously and want to make a positive change in there life. If that is you, read further for more details:

SELF• 2019

💛Live 1:1 coaching for 6 weeks.

🧡Includes 60 minute phone calls for each individual.

💚Includes weekly action plans and steps.

💖Unlimited email support directly from me.

Have You Ever Dealt With The Following?

-Self Sabotaging Yourself

-Low Self- Esteem

-Having Little To No Confidence

-Limiting Beliefs

-Comparing Yourself To Close Friends Or Family

-Not Putting Yourself First

-Not Knowing Who You Really Are

Imagine Your Life After 6 Weeks:

•You’re more confident than ever

•You no longer have limiting beliefs

•You know how to make time for yourself

•You know longer compare yourself to others

•You have high self- esteem

•You finally know who you are

•You’re no longer living the way others want

•You’ve fully accepted yourself

If this sounds like you, make a decision to do the internal work in your life. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.  Are you in?


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Letting Go Of The Past

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If you follow me om Instagram, I did a recent post about why you shouldn’t hold onto the past. Let me first remind you that your past does not define you. You need to ask yourself what does define you. I resonate with this so much and I’m pretty sure that majority of you do too. Letting go of the past is easier said than done depending on what happened and how recent it was. If you’re constantly looking behind you and trying to piece everything together after the event happened, you never really get the chance to move on. This can effect you in many ways. This causes unwanted stress. You spend too much time thinking about how it should’ve went, what you should’ve and shouldn’t have said, the what ifs, and maybe this. maybe that. None of that is necessary. You need to learn how to move forward. Instead of trying to figure all that out try to think of ways you can move on from it. Journal about it, talk to someone about it. Let it go because there’s no changing the past. The past is the past so focus on the present moment. If you spend too much time thinking about your past and who did what to you, you miss all the moments in the present time. Life is too short to sit and worry about the past. You can’t change it. It happened, move forward. Worrying about something you can’t change effects your health, your state of mind. As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am looking for people who want to make a serious change in there life. I created a program to help you become who you’re meant to be in life. My program is called SELF. it’s a 1:1 coaching program where we tackle different topics about how to accept yourself and let go of limiting beliefs etc. I will be your coach for 6 weeks and we will have 1 hour phone calls over each topic and come up with an action plan for you. Are you willing to make a change in your life? Details are listed below

SELF. (9/10/19) * Open enrollment closes August 14th. *

Have You Dealt With The Following?:

Self Sabotaging Yourself

Low Self- Esteem

Having Little To No Confidence

Limiting Beliefs

Comparing Yourself To Close Friends Or Family

Taking Time For Yourself

Not Knowing Who You Really Are


You’re more confident than ever

You no longer have limiting beliefs

You know how to make time for yourself

You know longer compare yourself to others

You have high self- esteem

You finally know who you are

You’re no longer living the way others want

You’ve fully accepted yourself

This Program Is Right For You If:

You’re ready to let go of others opinions of you.
You’re ready to make a change in your life.
You’re ready to gain more confidence/ awareness.
You’re ready to become your best self.
You’re ready to release limiting beliefs for good.

For more information click this link:





A Day In My Life With Migraines :((

Today I am going to tell you about a typical day in my life with a migraine. If you don’t suffer from migraines on a daily basis, consider yourself lucky. I first want to mention that I have been suffering from these migraines since I was 11 years old and unfortunately, I still suffer from them.  I believe that over the years my migraines have gotten way worse. I can easily tell the difference between when I get a headache and when I get a migraine. Recently, I suffered from a horrible migraine. I felt this as soon as I woke up one morning and the pain was on the right side of my head. This really frustrated me because this was going to be a family day. As soon as I realized this I took some ibuprofen waited for a while to see if it went away but it never did. I remeber feeling super nauseous and sick as I ate my breakfast. This is when I knew it was bad. I tried to sit at my desk to get some work done and the nauseous feeling was slowly increasing and my vision became blurry. I felt horrible so I knew I had to lay down. Normally when I get a migraine this bad, I can’t eat anything even if I’m hungry. I laid in my bed and semi dark room and saw a bunch of auras. The pain in my head was rapidly increasing and this was probably one of the worst migraines I’ve ever gotten. Unfortunately, summer is my worst migraine season ever. So far this summer, I’ve already had 4 migraines. Since I get so many now a days it’s easier to identify what my triggers are. (Weather, stress, going too long without eating etc.) The day continued to get worse. I ended up being in my room for the whole day. I was upset because I love when my family comes over and I didn’t even get to see them at all. This migraine was still increasing and I didn’t know what to do about it. Luckily I downloaded an app called “MigraineBuddy” and that helped a lot. My intensity level was at an 8 which is severe and I noticed that my hands were shaking a lot which was very unusual to me. My hands never shake when I am suffering from a migraine so that was new to me. I basically missed dinner because I felt too sick to eat anything. I made sure that I stayed hydrated even if I didn’t eat anything that night. I took 5 different medications that day. I usually take Ibuprofen first and try to let that work then if it doesn’t work I take excedrine migraine. After waiting for the medication to work, I realized that it didn’t and the pain still increased. I didn’t know what else to do because excedrine will usually knock the migraine out but for some odd reason it didn’t that night. 8 hours had passed and I was still suffering. I tried everything to get rid of it, A hot cloth, and my eye mask. Neither one of those things worked and at this point, I just wanted to go to sleep. After all those long hours of suffering I finally went to sleep. Thanks to the migraine buddy app, I found out exactly how long my migraine had lasted. This migraine lasted for 13 hours. I was shocked because it had never been this bad or lasted this long. So if you suffer from migraines as well I highly reccomend downloading the “MigraineBuddy” app right now to help track them. In order to avoid getting migraines I try my best to take care of myself and not stress too much because stress is 60% of what causes a migraine. Going through this is not fun at all but sometimes I think it’s a way of my body telling me to slow down and rest because I’m always on the move. Here are some pictures of my migraine log and what I use to get rid of the migraine:

*jelly eye mask 😷

* ibuprofen/ excedrine/ Advil

* dark room

* no noise/ light 💡

SELF. 1:1/ Updates

I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have been super busy. Today i wanted to talk about my new program that will be launching early September 2019! My last post was titled “Self.” and ironically I thoughtunnamed (1).png it would be the perfect name for my program. I created this program specifically for the individuals that has a hard time accepting themselves and need help overcoming that. During this program I will be working individually with clients 1:1 and helping them overcome any personal issues that they may be facing. I’ve been through that before and now I want to help other people who are going through that. Just so you guys know, Phase II is currently in the editing process and I will be releasing that soon!! If any of you are interested in doing some 1:1 work with me click this link to enroll now!! I’m only taking a limited amount of people so hurry and claim your spot!! If you want more information about the program click the link:


Heyy Everyone!! I know it’s been a minute since I last posted but I have so much to update you on!! First I want to tell you that my new book PHASE II will be out soon probably later this month so get excited about that. I also am apart of a marriage podcast alongside my uncle and we have 2 episodes out now on Anchor. Fm. The picture above is so accurate. How many times have you heard “you look like a whole snack?” I thought this was cute & super funny!! But lately I’ve been all about Self. Self love, self acceptance & self awareness. I am working on becoming a Self Awareness Coach so that I can teach you how to accept yourself just like I had to learn how to fully accept myself. Accepting yourself is not an easy thing to do because there’s always something you want to change. I encourage you guys that struggle with this to follow me on instagram @_livelaughblog because I post self empowerment things on there all the time and it will help you when you need it. In the near future, I will be releasing courses on this topic and different parts of SELF that everyone needs help with. I’m excited for what’s to come and you should be too. 💚. Lately I have started my mornings off meditating for at least 2 -3 minutes on topics like Anxiety, and Self- Esteem. Let me tell you that calms me all the way down and makes me feel better about my days ahead. I’m an non stop thinker so taking time out my day to just stop and breathe for 2-3 minutes helps me tremendously and I would recommend you guys do it too. Right now I’m currently on vacation for 2 weeks and I wasn’t going to post anything but I wanted to give you guys an update on what I’ve been up to lately.

I would encourage you guys to switch up your morning routine. Go out for a walk, journal, meditate, listen to a positive podcast episode. Something to get you through the day because it’s so worth it. Once I get back home I will give you guys another update on when Phase II will be out as well as my courses on Self Awareness. Stay tuned 💗

Everyone Won’t Support Everything You Do



This a pretty harsh reality but unfortunately. I have had to realize this the hard way at times.  I thought about this topic a lot recently. Obviously you know that everyone will not support everything you do in life and that’s just the honest truth. You don’t realize it until that moment when you tell a friend or a family member about something you’re doing that makes you happy and you don’t get the reaction you thought you would. It can be pretty upsetting at first but that won’t last forever. I believe that is why you should be believing in yourself constantly. Believe in yourself so much that you won’t stop for anything or anyone. If you’re constantly thinking about what others will think about something you do that is important to you, then you’re no longer living for yourself and your own standards, you’re living your life based on someone else’s standards and that’s not something you should be okay with.



For example, maybe you got accepted into the college you’ve always dreamed of and you thought to tell your close friend and she’s not as excited as you are. In that moment you have to realize that even the people closest to you may not even support what you’re doing. Is it the end of the world? No. Should you let something like this stop you No. Why? Because it won’t last forever and it all comes down to whether you believe in yourself or not. It’s not an easy process but it is possible. Sometimes you have to go outside the ones you most love in order to find the love you need right now.  Not having enough support, also goes along with people pleasing and trying to make everybody happy but that is a whole other blog post.  Here are some helpful tips for the next time you deal with this:

  1. You can’t PLEASE everyone. It’s just impossible.
  2. The world we live in today is not designed for us to have over 10,0000 friends.
  3. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay.
  4. Live your life for YOURSELF.
  5. Everyone will not always understand where you’re coming from.
  6. Never ask of someone more than they can give.
  7. You have to be willing to walk away from unsupportive friends/family.
  8. Know from your worth.
  9. Even if someone doesn’t support you, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand you.
  10. If someone doesn’t understand or support you, help them try to.

Be The Person You Needed When You Were Younger ✨💫💚

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably have already seen this photo. I believe that this so important. I found this the other day and I knew I had to write about this. Growing up in today’s world , we’re constantly looking for approval from others and trying to find our place in life. We’re always trying to be the “best” at everything or compete with this person and that person. Nobody is perfect and no one is better than anybody. I think as kids we believed that theory because of our peers and people we grew up with. I can speak on my own experiences with this. You know that in school everyone has their ” cliques ” or group of friends they hangout with. When I was growing up this was an issue to me. I knew that I wasn’t the type to go along with the crowd or do what everyone else did. I couldn’t stand people who followed other people. I always wondered why can’t anyone just be themselves? Even though I wondered about this, at times I still found myself trying to fit in with those people. I realized very quickly that I didn’t belong with those people and I wasn’t meant to fit in with them. You don’t need anyone’s approval on how to live your life. If you live your life based on what others think of you or what people think you should and shouldn’t be doing, are you really living life for yourself or for them? This is something everyone has gone through at some point. The point of this is that the only person you should compete with is yourself because in the end, that’s all you’ve got. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be yourself. Do what you want to do because you want to do it and not because other people think you should. This is really important and this also goes with comparing yourself to others which is a whole other topic. Be the person you needed when you were younger meaning the person you wanted to talk to, the person you want to motivate you etc. I just found this and thought of an entire post. I definitely connected with this and hopefully you can too. I know I definitely needed the person I am today when I was younger 💚.

This is PHASE II.

I’m so excited for what’s to come!! Earlier this year, I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. I’ve said this in earlier posts that “HER IDENTITY” will be divided into 2 parts. I know it’s super early but I was so excited to get started on the second part. So far I have written 4 chapters. At first I started writing this story immediately after publishing the first one and I didn’t give myself any time to think and plan the next one because I’m super passionate I had to take a couple of weeks to just not write at all. Not writing and not planning anything was actually hard but I’m glad I waited and did my research as well. I’m not going to share to many details about this story yet but I will soon once it’s close to being done. So I’ve designed the cover and I’m happy with it.

This is PHASE II. I’m excited to see where I take this story. So if you haven’t already, go on to get part 1 “HER IDENTITY”.

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For


Today I woke up this morning with this topic in mind. I believe it’s something everyone should live by. I know my last few posts have been about my book but this has been a long time coming. I remember being about 10 or 11 years old when I first started getting into writing. I used to ask for journals for Christmas and I was always excited about it. I’ve always known that I would  have a career as an author. Some of the things we want in life we have to speak into existence and go after it because life is so short. Believe it or not, I started writing music first. I thought that was going to be my career but obviously things changed. If we wait to do the things we want in life, we will look back years later thinking of what we could’ve done, should’ve done and so on. So if you need a little encouragement, this is for you. DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT YOUR FUTURE SELF WILL THANK YOU FOR!!!!! Speak it into existence, put it out into the atmosphere and watch the results come and they will come sooner than you think. Some of us grow up knowing what we want to do in our lives while it takes others a long time to figure it out and that’s okay. Who said we had to have life completely figured out right now? You’d drive yourself crazy. One last thing, If you’re constantly worried about what other people think then you wouldn’t be living your own life. You’d be living by others standards. If you haven’t already, get my first book “HER IDENTITY” right now on Amazon.